What is InstaRaja Points and How to Redeem it?

Beginning from 20-11-2020, 
In InstaRaja, we started a program for our customers based on their loyalty to our website,
which is called as InstaRaja Points.
How the InstaRaja Points works,
Every time you spend 1$ (   ≈  75 INR) You will get 1-2 points according to your user account status from InstaRaja.

When the points get to 100 points you can redeem them.
InstaRaja Points will be calculated according to the User Account Status.
For User account status 'NEW' InstaRaja Points = 1.
For User account status 'JUNIOR VIP' InstaRaja Points = 1.
For User account status 'VIP 💎' InstaRaja Points = 1.25.
For User account status '💎 PREMIUM 💎' InstaRaja Points = 1.5
For User account status '💎 ELITE 💎' InstaRaja Points = 1.75
For User account status '💎 MASTER 💎' InstaRaja Points = 2.

You can redeem the points by visiting settings, and click the Redeem button.
You can see the pending verifications in Redeem History, we will verify it and add to your balance within 24 hrs. 

If you have any questions regarding this, you can always create a support ticket, we are happy to help you.

Thanks for being InstaRaja Customer.