Twitter Tips And Tricks

20 COOL Twitter Tips and Tricks to Follow

Twitter is today one of the most important social networks and, as such, one of the most important digital marketing tools when it comes to planning a social media strategy. After years as active Twitter users, both personally and for our clients, we have tried many strategies to achieve our goals.

Throughout this time we have read and learned many little tips and tricks that we now want to share with you.

Always be polite and courteous. Do not get carried away by the anonymity of social networks and honor something that we call “the courage of the anonymous.” The most retweeted words are Twitter, Please, and You.

Be yourself. Do not create a unique character for your profile because what people want to see is the authenticity of people.

If you start a tweet with a mention (@), that tweet will only appear in the timelines of that person’s and your followers.

You can embed tweets on your web page. To do this, press the “More” button under the tweet to embed, and in the dropdown select “Insert tweet”. The HTML code will appear to insert it into the code of your website.

Use the #hashtag. Hashtagged tweets are 55% more likely to be retweeted. Tweets with quotes 30%.

If you are going to add a link in your tweet, try to do it before the middle of the tweet. There is a study that shows that tweets with the link in the first half get a much higher click rate.

If you want to get your tweet to be more cited and commented, use less than 100 characters. This gives the opportunity to quote your message and add a brief comment.

If you want to retweet a tweet that is too long, use MT instead of RT. This means that the original tweet has been modified so that it can be retweeted.

Keep in mind the following: people who follow a brand on Twitter are 67% more likely to buy its products or hire its services.

Write tweets of approximately 110 characters. This facilitates traditional retweets in which the source is quoted in front. This way you will get more retweets.

Monitor your competition and follow what they do. You can use Twitter’s private list to follow them individually or together. So no detail will escape you.

Learn to use Twitter lists and organize your followers as much as possible. This will allow you to remove noise when you want to focus on a specific topic.

Use large images with the correct proportion. According to a study, the ideal size for uploading Twitter images is 1024 x 512 pixels.

Upload tweets with pictures whenever you can. This will make your tweet much more visible. Always use the Twitter server to upload the images, today it is the only way that they are displayed on the timeline.

People want to see who they follow. Use a clear and recent profile photo. Photos of faces work great. If you are a brand or company, use a clear version of your logo that is easy to read.

Use these commands in searches: “filter: links” without looking for tweets with links and “-filter: links” if looking for tweets without links.

Take into account the schedules. Find out what is the best time to tweet, that is, the time you have the most active users and / or the most engagement. You can do it by experimenting and observing or by using one of the tools available for it.

If you are the CEO of a company, you should know that 77% of people would buy before a company in which its CEO is an active Twitter user.

Follow these 3 steps and in this order (even if 2 of them are the same): listen, listen and speak. Don’t forget that we have 2 ears and only one mouth.

Turn your Timeline into something of value for your followers by sharing interesting information, segmented according to your audience: news, humor, photos, offers.

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