Instagram tips and tricks

10 Awesome Instagram Tips and Tricks

Instagram is without a doubt the photography social network with excellence. Despite being specialized in images, it has crept into the list of social networks with the most users; last December it exceeded 1 Billion.

Therefore, it would be a shame not to contemplate this network within a digital marketing strategy and miss the opportunities that Instagram offers us. We have created this list of 10 Instagram tips and tricks to get new followers and fall in love with those who already follow us.

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Study Your Competition

Look for your current competition on Instagram, even if it is not direct for geographic or niche reasons. Once you have located it, study it carefully and discover what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Copy the good strategies and avoid the bad ones.

Study the Images That work Best

There are certain topics that always work on Instagram, such as photos of kittens, photos of hot air balloons and images of food and gastronomy. But you may find it difficult to apply them to your specific sector of activity. Look for images related to your activity that have been well received and disseminated and share similar images.

Creativity, Be VERY creative!

Dare to bring out your most creative side and spread the most curious images that come to mind. Of course, never forget that it is a public profile and that one wrong step can cause a crisis on Instagram and other social networks. Be creative but reflect before sharing.

Recycle Your Best Photos

If any of your images has had outstanding results, publish it again in the rest of your networks after a reasonable time has passed. It’s about re-spreading your best content. It is a strategy that is used in other content marketing strategies, for example in blogs.

Share your photos consistently and consistently

Bookmark yourself a number of daily or weekly posts, depending on your ability to generate good images. Once you have a realistic silver goal just hit it. It is better to reduce the frequency and be constant than one day to publish a lot of images.

Do you remember the fable of the grasshopper and the ant? Well, on Instagram, and the other social networks, you must be the ant.

Share your photos on your other networks

Instagram allows you to do it directly when you upload a photo, but you can also do it with the help of other applications . In this way we will get other followers of our “brand” in other networks to know that we are also on Instagram and we will start to get more diffusion and new followers.

Press the “Like” button and comment on other photos

The simple act of giving a like can make that user search your profile and be interested in your images. Look for hashtags the same or similar to the ones you use and start interacting with profiles that are similar to yours.

Use a username that is attractive, short, and defines you.

The ideal would be, although it is difficult, to use the same name in all the social networks that you manage. Find a name that is short, simple, and easy to remember and pronounce.

Use the #hashtag (correctly).

Hashtags are the easiest way for someone to find our images and thus our profile. Try to avoid those that are too generic and refine your scope more, so as not to end up lost in huge lists of photographs. It is also useful to create your own hashtag and add it to all your images.

Interact with other users and look for interesting profiles

Create a community around your “brand” that is related to it and interact with it. Take advantage of the Instagram utility “Suggested Users” that will locate profiles for you related to your tastes and interests.

We recommend that you first generate your own “handmade” community before abusing this function, thus ensuring a higher level of affinity with the suggested profiles.


Surely with these tips you can grow your community and spread on Instagram according to your goals, but do not forget what is, perhaps, the most important advice, do not neglect your personal brand, on the contrary, enhance it.

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